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"Good Kisser? Sorry Thats Not In My Vocabulary Kid."

Basic Info

Name Damion
Age 19
Gender Male
Sexuality Hetero
Rank Rulers
Birth-date  1998
Grade 11th


Back when he was 8 his father left him and his mother, at first his mother didnt take it well and sent Damion off to a Private school where he stayed until Highschool came up. He came back home when he was 15 and took care of his mother that had gotten worse since he was gone. His mother never was the one that took care of him, but he stood up and started to take care of his mom and himself. After all the years until now he has been throwing away used drugs and bottles of whiskie all from his mom.


His hair is dark brown, with eyes a baby blue color almost looking green in the sun light. His skin is a fair color where he easily gets tan, never trys to get tan though.